Drive On Floating Boat Docks

Float My Boat Drive on modular boat docks keeps your boat high and dry on its own ‘floatmyboat‘ dock. Its a simple dry bed for your boat. Protect your boat and wallet, your dock will save money and minimise your boats maintenance!

Floating Boat Docks For Virtually Anything!

Lake Swimming Dock

Customized Decked Dock

Sea Plane / Working Dock

Sight Seeing Dock

The Dock

Single and Double

Each dock can be pieced together with double or single floats to create any shape and size dock you require.

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V Floats

Single and Double

Different sized V floats¬† help accommodate various vessels from larger boats to jet ski’s and everything in between.

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Easy to connect and works like a bumper to provide extra protection to the main dock / pontoon structure.

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Nuts & Bolts


With every product there are necessary accessories, we offer pins and spacers all the way to installation tools.

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Don’t just leave your boat floating around, let us float your boat!


In all seriousness, if your looking for a drive on floating boat dock, give us a call.  We are here to help and our advice is free.